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The Shop

Organically Grown Adelaide The Shop

Located 9 kilometres from the Adelaide GPO, in the north eastern suburb of Magill, the shop Organically Grown and the owner Clinton have been a mainstay of Adelaide's organic food scene. Click here for directions to the shop.

The Fruit & Veg

Organically Grown Adelaide The Fruit & Veg

Organically Grown has a range of certified organic fruit and vegetables second to none. Not only is the range extensive, but Clinton's genuine enthusiasm for organic produce, means that the very best of each line is carried.

The Dry Goods

Organically Grown Adelaide Dry Goods

Pasta, rice, honey, flours, eggs, whole grains, cacao powder, coffee and tea, soaps and pastes (tooth and freshly made peanut) to name a few. Look in the fridge. Yoghurt, kimchi, cheese, kombucha, milk and ready to drink and much more.

The Nuts & Seeds

Organically Grown Adelaide Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are recognised as forming part of a healthy diet and feature extensively in the Mediterranean diet. Organically Grown has a massive range of nuts and seeds and can put a specific combination together for you.

Seasonal & Local

Organically Grown Adelaide Seasonal Produce

Clinton knows many of the growers personally. There is a trust and mutual respect that we are told is rare in business today. This means that he can access fresh seasonal produce as it becomes available.


Organically Grown Adelaide Nutrition

Fermentation a fad? What is a nutritious juice and why do juicers prefer Cos to iceberg? What nuts are great fresh, not so good after a short period of time? Questions Clinton can answer. Which other shop provides that expertise?